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Clinical Evaluation Research Unit (CERU)

Dr. Heyland is the Founder and Director of the Clinical Evaluation Research Unit at Kingston General Hospital and Queen’s University. He received his research training from McMaster University where he obtained a Master’s Degree in Clinical Epidemiology. He has a strong track record in clinical trials in critical care, with specific expertise in nutrition research. Dr Heyland has been the PI and/or coordinating investigator on 20 nutrition and 4 non-nutritional RCTs including 6 CIHR-funded and 2 NIH-funded, multicenter trials. Two of these multicenter trials have been published in the New England Journal of Medicine. As principal investigator, he recently was awarded a large grant (>$5.6 million CDN) to study enteral glutamine in 2,700 burn injured patients from 60 burn units around the world. In a volunteer-driven, registry-based RCT, Dr. Heyland recently initiated the EFFORT trial which aims to enroll 4000 patients from >100 ICUS world-wide.

Since arriving at Queen’s University, he has developed and maintained a methodological/clinical research support unit called the Clinical Evaluation Research Unit. CERU has world-class expertise, experience and resources to support the successful completion of the design, conduct, monitoring, and interpretation of Phase II, III, and IV multi-center clinical trials (See list here) . Currently, the CERU functions as the research coordinating center for several clinical trials (See list here). Undoubtedly, CERU is the most experienced coordinating center in the world for critical care nutrition studies. 

CERU has experience in several therapeutic areas including nutritional therapies in the critically ill, improvement in palliative and end-of-life care for patients and their families, and ventilator associated pneumonia. Please visit our websites related to these themes.

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