We engage in a broad range of research activities that ultimately lead to:

  • An increase in survival for seriously ill patients
  • An improvement in the quality of life of seriously ill patients and the satisfaction with care of their families.
  • For those at the end of life, an improvement in the quality of their experience and that of their families.
  • Increased efficiency in our health care system.
  • Increased clinical research capacity of our institution and of our partners.


We see ourselves conducting innovative, cutting-edge scientific clinical research that has a high impact on the health outcomes of the patients we study and along the way; we are building a sustainable research infrastructure. To extend our reach, we have partnered with colleagues from the United States, Germany, and Malaysia.


Quality Work:  We aim for excellence as judged by ourselves, our peers, sponsors, and other partners across the world.

Honesty, integrity and ethical behavior: We honor the position of trust we hold and will work in a fashion consistent with the standards of good clinical practice and be respectful of others.

Innovation:  We are open-minded to new ideas, projects and approaches.

Team Work:  We value and respect our relationships with each other and strive to work together, helping each other accomplish our goals where necessary.  We want to maintain a positive balance in our emotional bank account with one another.

A Collaborative, Multidisciplinary Environment:  We value the support and interaction with our colleagues from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds.

Continuing Education of Staff:  We provide the means by which our staff can continually renew themselves, improving their skills and knowledge.

Training New Clinical Scientists and Researchers:  We provide an environment and infrastructure whereby we can nurture new investigators.

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