Dr Heyland published a multicenterstudy in JAMDA to identify clinician barriers to participating in goal of care discussions in Long-Term care. Click here to read more. 

Dr Heyland recently published a RCT in CMJA evaluating the decision aid, www.planwellguide.com. He evaluated the efficacy of a planwelguide as a decision support tool in increasing the completion of a advanced medical care planning and improving decisional outcomes in primary care settings. Click here to read more.


Dr Heyland submitted an article highlighting some of the ways people can prepare for the pandemic, specifically preparing for serious illness. The key factor to prepare for serious illness is based around the notion of learning and understanding how medical decisions are made when seriously ill, along with what to say and how best to work with doctors, to ensure the medical care that is right for you or a loved one is obtained. Planning for end of life care, when you know for certain you are dying, is not the same as planning for serious illness. COVID-19 is an example of a serious illness where there is a probability of death but as well as a probability of survival. Click here



RE-ENERGIZE now has 53 active sites participating in the trial. We have recuited 1095 participants to date!


SUSTAIN has reached is recruitment goal of 1400 participants! It took 3 days shy of 6 years from the first enrollment to the last. Now we must complete data collection.


IMPACT is preparing a manuscript.


NEXIS has reached 50% of its recruitment target. 


 EFFORT  has 86 participanting sites across 15 countries. We have enrolled 902 participants!


VICTORY  is now up and recruiting! Congratulations to all of the sites who moved so quickly.

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